Express agreement is a term used in the legal profession to describe an agreement that is clearly and explicitly stated by all parties involved. It is a contract that has been agreed upon without any ambiguity or vagueness. However, there are situations where an express agreement may be referred to by another name.

One such name is “written agreement.” A written agreement is a legal document that sets out the terms and conditions of an agreement between parties. It is usually created to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion about the terms of the agreement. A written agreement may be in the form of a contract or a memorandum of understanding.

Another name for express agreement is “clear and unequivocal acceptance.” This term is often used in contract law to describe a situation where one party accepts the terms of an offer without any ambiguity or doubt. Clear and unequivocal acceptance is essential to the formation of a binding contract.

“Mutual agreement” is another name for express agreement. Mutual agreement describes a situation where two parties have come to an agreement on the terms and conditions of a contract. It implies that both parties have given their full and informed consent to the agreement.

“Meeting of the minds” is a term that is used to describe an express agreement where there is a clear understanding between parties. It refers to a situation where both parties have the same understanding of the terms of the agreement and have agreed to them willingly.

In conclusion, an express agreement is a legal contract that is clearly and explicitly stated and agreed upon by all parties involved. Other names for express agreement include written agreement, clear and unequivocal acceptance, mutual agreement, and meeting of the minds. It is important to note that regardless of the name given to an express agreement, it must be clear and unambiguous for it to be legally enforceable. As a copy editor, it is crucial to ensure that any communication related to an express agreement is consistent with the agreed-upon terms and conditions.