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We are a private Pittsburgh Car Service providing reliable, affordable transport to the greater metro area and beyond. We have commercial curb pick-up and drop-off at Pittsburgh International Airport and surrounding regional airports, as well as shuttle and luggage delivery on the GAP and C&O trails.


Whether you’re planning a multi-day trek to Cumberland or Washington DC, or just want to enjoy a day trip on the Great Allegheny Passage, we are with you every step of the way. From transporting children and pets to bike delivery, we provide shuttle and luggage service to destinations all along the trail, on YOUR schedule, including 24 hour emergency pick-ups. Call, email, or text for a quote to discuss your unique situation and schedule an appointment today


For over a decade, Bill’s Car Service and Transport has provided reliable, affordable transport from Pittsburgh’s local airports to the metro area and beyond. From wheels up to touchdown, we track your flight online, and upon arrival a driver will contact you to ensure efficient, accurate pick-up.


For those who can’t fly or just want to skip the crowds at the airport, we offer service to destinations that include but are not limited to Erie, Cleveland, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City. Whether you require transport for medical appointments outside the Pittsburgh area, or need assistance moving vehicles, pets, or items that just can’t be delivered through traditional means, helping customers navigate complex travel and transportation situations is our speciality.

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